Donate To Gaza

Donate to gaza

 By Donate To Gaza you can Change the lives of hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza suffering from poverty

With a population of over two million people on just over 140 square miles of land, Gaza is one of the most densely populated places on earth.

We are here for the people of Gaza and to improve their lives for a decent life, and all this by your help. Donate To Gaza 


The tragic situation of Gaza

A decade of blockade along Gaza’s borders has stifled its economy

Many goods are banned from export and import, including farmers’ produce and vital medicines.

 As a result, More than half of Palestinians living in the besieged Gaza Strip live below the poverty line.

For 65 years Palestine under occupation and Gaza is one of the most war-torn areas over the previous years

Many hospitals lack modern medical supplies to treat Gaza’s sick.  The thousands of Palestinians who live with disabilities struggle with inaccessible facilities and inadequate care. 

Many in Gaza fall ill from water that is not potable and the poor sanitation that pervades communities without sewage networks.

Basic life essentials like water and electricity are at a severe shortage. Due to inconsistent support from Gaza’s fuel and electricity providers, power cuts occur daily. Faucets often run dry.

Gaza Power Crisis

With only a few hours of electricity available every day, Gaza residents have a power crisis. Electric power purifies water, runs farming equipment and hampers access to electronics vital to professional development. 

Since Gaza’s citizens aren’t informed when the power will come on, they often have to drop everything to get chores and other tasks done when the lights turn on.

Life in Gaza revolves around unreliable electricity, making it difficult to focus on anything else.

Gaza is an open Air prison

We are here to help as many poor people in Gaza to live a decent and clean life as possible.

This is the approach of Islam 

Gaza Situation In Numbers

The poverty rate is 80%, of which 65% is below the extreme poverty line

The unemployment rate is 50%, half of which are youth and university graduates

Three-quarters of Gazans need emergency relief, which is no longer available

40% of children have anemia and malnutrition

17,000 orphans suffer from lack of sponsorships due to the closure of the bank accounts of associations and the prevention of the transfer of their financial dues

50,000 people with disabilities need treatment and rehabilitation

What Happens When You Donate to Gaza

A restricted economy and lack of resources make life difficult for residents of the Gaza Strip. Despite these challenges, you can help people in Gaza lead dignified lives. 

However, with your support, One Humanity able to Providing clean water, feeding the poor, adopting orphans, providing medical supplies for the poor, and providing stationery for students.

One Humanity is one of the few Gaza aid and relief organizations that can consistently and reliably bring in much needed supplies, like medicine, food and clothes.

What One Humanity Do

We are working to alleviate poverty and suffering in every way, from finding the causes of the problem to solving them. 

In time of crises, We are dedicated to raising funds for poor and needy people. 

We offer five programs based on the most common gaza families needs:


Health is something that affects every single living creature on this planet. It is one of the best rewards that Allah has given us in this world. 

Good health is the most important aspect of our lives. Our health is the foundation on which we build our world and without a strong foundation everything else crumbles around us. 

Gaza suffers from a severe shortage of health medicines because of the siege and occupation. 

Therefore, Gaza needs you help.

Gaza needs your urgent medical assistant. Help Gaza residents live a healthy life.

Orphans Sponsorship

The suffering of children is one of the most difficult things to witness. Especially vulnerable to the effects of poverty and conflict, children are the hardest hit when faced with challenges that even adults would find difficult to cope with.

Certainly by your donation we able to provide the essential needs to orphans.

Why Sponsor an Orphan?

“Blessed is the wealth of the Muslim, from which he gives to the poor,
the orphan and the wayfarer.” (Muslim) 

Change an orphan’s life By just £29.50 per month or 354$ per year

Your donation provides each orphan with:

Education & Training

Welfare & Support

Nutrition & Health


Food is one of the basic needs that is essential to survive and to maintain the health of the individual and their family.  

To clarify, Gaza is the poorest place in the Middle East, Thousands of families in Gaza have no money to buy food and remain hungry.

But You can help alleviate the hunger by donating to our food projects and supporting a needy cause.

Relieve the suffering and hunger of a family By proving them with food to survice


Pollution caused by raw sewage and rising seawater makes 90 percent of Gaza’s water unfit to drink. 

When Palestine water networks are destroyed during periods of violence, dire water shortages leave millions of people wondering when they’ll get the next drop. 

Therefore, we are here to providing Gaza by clean water by your donate.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “The best charity is giving water to drink” and he was the most generous in giving charity. (as narrated in Ahmad).

You can help Palestinians to get clean water for just 25$ monthly per family

By your donate to gaza You can change a family life for forever